Studio Abioto

by Midnight Seed

( Music:  Sounds of horses or something coming for our love - galloping) 
Filmed performance by Rhythmus.
Rhythmus is Portia Pollock, Midnight Seed, and Aarafa Payne.
Performed in New Orleans, Louisiana.

When there is nothing else to say or do

When the door has been locked and the hinges have rusted

When the north star has moved to another galaxy

When the maps have disintegrated under the weight of human cargo taken 

And when we the dead have left the building and at times reincarnated

When the friends and lovers are gone, gone, gone

And you are insane from the stench of your own excrement 

You fall in every direction

We know because we are there

We are there

Watching you do somersaults in lakes where there is no water

Watching you tell fables that are mythological lies

Watch you , watching you

We walk beside you and whisters

A foreign tongue it seems

We whispers incantations of universal  building proportions

We hear you like a baby try to mimic our words - but our words are high calls

Your words are garbled

But we continue to pronounce and enunciate the sounds - the syllables for you 

We hold you up 

When you think your world has slipped out of orbit

We hold you up

And then we let you go to see if you have gained John Brown strength

We listen to your words to see if you have gained Zora Neal Hurston language

We listen to your thoughts to see if you have gained the intellectual property to your own  consciousness

We rearrange you from the inside

We pull you up from your belly

We pull you up

Until one day you stand

A walk of civilization begins inside of you 


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