Studio Abioto

by Midnight Seed


Sometimes, I find myself inside the kitchen from the time I wake until the time of sleep

I find that I spend time wiping counters and waxing the floor 

Rearranging fruits, vegetables and others things inside the refrigerator

I polish the silver of my knives

I contemplate the direction of my recipes 

All the time filling bottles with water and creating a tornado to rearrange the ions in that same jar

I place those bottles on the porch at night and others in the direct stream of sunlight

Its is a ritual , I  gather myself from the loss of so many things 

I find solace in the kitchen making preserved lemons

I  create at the drop of a tear

I taste my tears  - salty tears in the idea of preserved lemons 

As my knife cuts the lemon in foundation of fours

Juice runs through my own my fingers and tears escaped from its flesh

I am finding the feeling of myself 

I have been lost without my kitchen 

Traversing courtrooms of dusty Mississippy towns

Walking amidst the skeleton of relics pretending to be alive

Should I have a law office again 

It will be a kitchen fully stocked 

With a larger recliner positioned by a window

I will always have  pots of tea brewing , at least 4  

I will counsel my clients in my kitchen 

And they will remove their shoes at the door

I will give them a special tea  - tea I found on and in the earth - their and our tea

I will do it my way

I will read oracle cards

And analyze facts with numerology

I will draft with calligraphy 

And speak with higher reasoning repeating the words of ancestors 

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