Studio Abioto

Kalimah Abioto is a filmmaker, writer, media, and performing artist working between Portland, OR and New Orleans, LA. Her work has been shown from Virginia to Mali, West Africa.

Kalimah is the recipient of multiple grants, artist residencies and awards through Open Signal Media, The Regional Arts and Culture Council (RACC), Community Lift, The Kresge Foundation and The Southern Documentary Fund among others. Her works have been commissioned by STAX Museum, Africa House, DiVersa Media and more.

Kalimah continues to expand and grow as a human being, a Black Woman and Artist. There is no telling where her imagination will take her next…

Select Works 

Black Genius: Memphis

Kalimah Abioto

A multimedia project centered around the idea of a collective genius. Black Genius Memphis is a documentary that begins to explore Memphis’ diverse Black community.

SIGHT (2017)

When a nosy neighbor crosses their path, three friends with supernatural powers send her to a dimension where she must confront her past. A docu-fiction / experimental film installation, Sight blurs the line between genres. Produced by Kalimah Abioto and made in Portland, OR the film incorporated the efforts of many talented artists in the area ranging from musicians, graphic artists, builders, painters and cinematographers. It premiered at RACC and Open Signal’s public art and technology series - Night Lights.

2019 Reel

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