Studio Abioto

by Midnight Seed

A seed

The house of the Garden of Eden

The darkest period of the night

Whispers of  seeds  tipping naked on the earth 

Pushing forward into our new tomorrow

Laughing at our ignorance

We trample them underneath the ground

Massaging their little heads

Sending shock waves of information into their rounded bellies

They depend on us for the information of their becoming 

And we yet not knowing depend upon them to broadcast our nature unto the many selves

Tickle my ear

Midnight seed is a living apothecary

A place of conversation between plant and woman 

A hearing, a touching, a tasting, a honoring

We follow the imagining musings of plants 

And they revel in our body of plant growing in the inner sanctuary 

We take each other apart plant and me 

There a seed becomes a mylk 

Breast and seed - we know each other

There heat and seed become cheese

We know each other

Teas fall from trees  pines and bees

Poured into liquid goblets 

Ice cream, drinks, popsicles and teas

We find each others mylk

Finding liberation in our communion 

Dinner table as healing art

Come 30 minutes before dinner is served

Sit with each other in silence

Until we see each other in silent discourse

Rattling the plates and dishes

Cups and saucers

We solve the hurt of our isolation 

And find new wings to fly

Come to Midnight Seed’s table 

At night

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