Studio Abioto

by Midnight Seed


There is something more to be said about the intake of food than sitting down

Intaking the combination of foods made by one or others hands

Getting caught up in the smells, the taste, the sense of full satisfaction as it passes the throat

Not knowing how they, the other, cut it, shaped it,  molded it, thought of it  while thinking of you

The one light 

Intaking the food planted and harvested by those whom we categorize as the scorched of the earth 

Yet, we walk blindly into box stores with a giddy look of foolery into the harvest picked by brown and black hands

The one light

Mouth watering at the sight of chemicals made in laboratories and made palatable by grease sizzling in fire 

We pledge our allegiance to  ideologies grown underground

We open our mouths like babies first scooting to the breast

And slurp our death in plastic containers

The one light

Inside nestled in plastic containers and sprayed with chemical intoxication

We call the degradation of the body  age

And we scorn times march towards the grave 

Not knowing that we alone lit the frame

Fields overflowing with greens bursting through the dark loam of earth

Trees overflowing with red, orange and yellow seed inside itself

Abundant purslane and feverfew tickled by the wind

And  yet we walk blindly onward 

To white pills in amber colored bottles 

We run towards chemical machiavellian  

While the earth calls us to her breast

And the waters call us to her shores overflowing

Come they beckon us 

Our breast overflow with mylk and grain

Seeds and fruit

Greens and Light

Take us in

As Light 

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